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Arnold Gold has been a working photojournalist for over 20 years. He obtained a B.A. in photojournalism from Syracuse University in 1984. He interned at the Prince George's Journal, The Syracuse Newspapers and the Idaho Stateman.

Two years after landing his first job at the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, Gold moved on to work at the New Haven Register in New Haven, Connecticut, where he has spent the bulk of his career.

Arnold Gold has won numerous awards and has seen his work appear in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, People magazine, Time magazine, Business Week, Der Spiegel and other publications.

Gold is represented by The Image Works stock agency.


• Sixteenth place, Hearst Competition, 1983
• Published in Best of Photojournalism 11, 1986
• Reframing Tradition, Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT., 1996 juried by Susan Kismaric and Tod Papageorge
• Photowork '98, Barrett House Galleries, Poughkeepsie, NY., 1998 juried by Lisa Dennison
• Spectra '99, Silvermine Guild Galleries, New Canaan, CT., 1999 juried by Tom Gitterman
• Third Place, Region One, NPPA annual clip contest, 1999


My career in photography began as an annoying child bothering my much older brother and his best friend as they developed film and made prints in the basement darkroom of my childhood home in Maryland.

Years later and thanks to my brother, I worked on my high school newspaper simply because I had access to a 35mm camera and a darkroom.

My philosophy has been that photography is a sensitivity to life and its surroundings, good or bad. Photojournalism has afforded me the opportunity to explore this sensitivity.

It has also afforded me the chance to explore the craft of photography in a variety of directions ranging from the documentary photo essay to fashion photography to digital illustration.

Currently, I am exploring the Yale University community with the Holga, a $20 medium-format plastic camera that is as flawed as it is simple.

Using the Holga is a constant experiment. It is like driving a car held together with rubber bands and duct tape devoid of a fuel gauge or speedometer. Instinct helps you to get where you're going but reaching your destination is not a sure thing.

My work on the Yale Portfolios project emanates from the concept that places have a sense of being or presence.

As a child I accompanied my mother on Saturday mornings driving my father to work in downtown Baltimore because the buses did not run early enough. The empty early morning city was a thing of wonder. It had a presence, a sense of being.

I believe that Yale University also has a presence, on both a monumental and minute scale. I have tried in my photographs to capture what I believe is essential and elegant.

— Arnold Gold


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